Neighbourhood Watch is one of the biggest and most successful crime prevention initiatives ever; it’s all about getting together with your neighbours to take action to cut local crime. Through forming an active partnership with the local police Neighbourhood Watch can effectively do the following:

  • Cut crime and the opportunities for crime
  • Help and reassure those who live in fear of crime
  • Encourage neighbourliness and a community spirit

The Neighbourhood Watch scheme works in Preston in the following way: a committee has been set up consisting of 10 members, who are all residents of the village and prepared to give up their valuable time to keep everyone informed of local incidents that could have an impact on our village. The names/telephone numbers of the committee are as follows:

Ita Leaver Butchers Lane (Upper), Charlton Road (Lower), Templars Lane, Hitchin Rd and outlying areas. 453250
Tim Justham Chequers Lane (Lower) 437908
Lynda Woodward Chequers Lane (Upper) 455691
Pat Loustau Butchers Lane (up to The Willows) 459563
Jane Cole Church Lane 454033
Sarah Gill Poynders End 451975
Alison Bierrum Back Lane 457420
Ian Robinson Princess Helena College 440955
Brenda Reintjes Crunnells Green/School Lane 442422
Ken Murray Ladygrove and Hitchwood Cottages 456217
Carol Bowden The Green 435099

The Police incident numbers are as follows:

  • In the event of an emergency or if you witness a crime actually taking place call 999.
  • For all non-emergencies including witnessing of fly-tipping please call  101 or  01707 354000.
  • For the removal of fly-tipping, then ring Veolia on  0800 328 6023.

PC Matt Jenkins is our Ward Constable and PCSO Heather Burrows is our Community Support Officer. They are responsible for dealing with local community issues in Preston and can be contacted on  01438 757604. Matt is also available on  07736 225349 & Heather on  07847 364955.

Information regarding local crime is sent from Herts Police using the “OWL” system, which sends messages via e-mail or telephone to the members of the NW committee who then relay that information on to everyone in their designated area.

These phone numbers also appear every month in the parish newsletter. Our Safer Neighbourhood Team carry out police surgeries in Preston and the surrounding villages on a regular basis. The dates of which are on the village notice board.

Preston surgery details are also published in the Parish Newsletter and on this website.

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