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Preston Parish Council Notices January 2021

Luton Airport Arrival Routes Consultation

A joint consultation between LLAL (London Luton Airport Limited)  and NATS (National Air Traffic System) on arrival routes into Luton airport started on Monday 19 October and closes on 5 February 2020. Further information and a link to the virtual exhibition can be accessed at:

Open Gardens 2021

Open Gardens Poster

Would you be willing to be part of a team to help to organise the very popular Open Gardens event for 2021?

We really hope that this hugely popular event can go ahead next year, even if there will need to be some changes to the usual format due to any restrictions that might be in place at the time.

Meta, Liz and Pam will not be running the event, but would be very willing to pass on any help and tips that a new team might want, and to offer general advice.

It might be that a new team come up with a completely different idea for the day, but if it is to go ahead the car park at PHC has to be reserved in October this year.

If you think you would like to be part of a team to help with this event, please contact us.

Follow this link for Pictures from 2019 and 2018.

Preston Parish Neighbourhood Plan Complete
Preston Parish Neighbourhood Plan
Our Parish – Our Future – We voted YES
2019 – 2031


The journey to develop and make The Preston Parish Neighbourhood Plan is complete. It will now be used by NHDC when determining planning applications for the Parish of Preston.

To find out more, visit:

Tatmore Hills Loop Preston – Circular Walk

Starting from the Red Lion Pub,
a walk of approximately 4.8km / 3m and 1 hour long.

This is a circular walk starting an d finishing at the Red Lion Pub. Details and map are available as an A4 leaflet from the Red Lion Pub and on the Village Green next to the Notice Board.

Follow this link - Tatmore Hills Loop Preston - to open, print or download a copy (PDF, 573 kB).

Produced by Preston Parish Council as part of the Parish Paths Partnership,funded by Hertfordshire County Council.

Supported by the Parish Paths Partnership.

Preston Parish Council
- Parish Council Meeting: Wednesday 13 January
- Luton Airport Arrival Routes Consultation
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St Martin’s Church 120 Club Draw 2020/2021
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Preston Parish Council: Monday 7 December
Road Closures
Nats Consultation
Preston Village Society
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St Martin’s Church 120 Club Draw 2020/2021
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Christmas Tree 2020
Preston Parish Council
- MP’s Local Business Survey
- NHDC Local Plan Hearings
- Luton Airport pre-application consultation on further capacity expansion
- What 3 Words
Len Grosvenor-Brown
Services At Christmas
Shares In The Red Lion
Readings And Services For November
Letter From Our Vicar
St Martin’s Church 120 Club Draw 2020/2021
COVID 19: Preston Help Line
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Preston News Service

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