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‘Beating The Bounds’ of our parish, 2019
The Preston Trust: ‘Beating The Bounds’ of our parish, 2019

Years ago, the clergy and laity of each parish used to walk along the boundary of their parish. This enabled everyone to know the extent of their rights and responsibilities as parishioners. This tradition was known as ‘Beating the Bounds’, and took place on Rogation Sunday in May.

The Preston Trust committee thought it might be interesting for our present day parishioners to have 3 ‘Boundary Walks and Talks’ this summer/autumn. Our small patch of the Chiltern landscape has different habitats, gentle slopes and really splendid views! We will be walking on footpaths, bridleways, and, for short stretches, on the lanes.

Accompanied youngsters over 10 years are very welcome. Fit and well behaved dogs on their leads are also welcome. There are no public toilets near to the line of the boundary; hedges may have to suffice, if needed. Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear. Booking to take part is essential!

The final Walk is: Northern Boundary Parish Walk (indicated in orange) – Dates, times and booking information ...

Tatmore Hills Loop Preston – Circular Walk

Starting from the Red Lion Pub,
a walk of approximately 4.8km / 3m and 1 hour long.

This is a circular walk starting an d finishing at the Red Lion Pub. Details and map are available as an A4 leaflet from the Red Lion Pub and on the Village Green next to the Notice Board.

Follow this link - Tatmore Hills Loop Preston - to open, print or download a copy (PDF, 573 kB).

Produced by Preston Parish Council as part of the Parish Paths Partnership,funded by Hertfordshire County Council.

Supported by the Parish Paths Partnership.

Village Day – Thank you all

The Preston Trust Committee would like to thank you all for taking part in Village Day.

Whether, by making a scarecrow (or cow...), dancing at the Maypole, bringing your dog or car for the shows, helping, running a stall for one of the parish organisations / yourself, donating, coming to ‘play’ or a mixture of them all, your participation made it a happy, successful Fun Raising Day for the community. (Fun - with no "d" intentional!)

So many of you kindly gave cakes that there were some left over. It was agreed to donate them (and the surplus burger buns) to the Sanctuary in Hitchin, so they have gone to a good home.

There were of course a few competitions. All of the winners have been informed so we’re sorry but if you haven’t heard from us, it wasn’t you.

The name for the new cow was voted to be Daisy, although to some she will always be Buttercup...

The OSCARecrowS Awards and competition results, will be published shortly …

The Great Easter Egg Hunt – Thank You All!

The dust has settled, the bunny paw prints are fading away from the path and calm has returned to the Parish. It was wonderful to see all ages attempting the games and quizzes together.

The search for the number of crosses in St. Martin’s sparked some earnest debate.  How many are there? Yet still no one knows for sure as you found more than we did!

If you’re curious to know what the other answers are, you can visit The Great Easter Egg Hunt Report. The winners of the games and quizzes have all received their prizes.

Thank you so much for coming, whether to play or help, and making this a very happy time, full of fun and laughter.

The Preston Trust Committee

A Big Thank You to all the Litter Pickers
The 2019 Spring Litter Pick held on Saturday 16th. March

On behalf of the Preston Trust committee, very many thanks to the 30 volunteers who very kindly came out to join in our Spring cleaning task, last Saturday morning. It was really heartening to have such a large, cheerful and enthusiastic team, especially in such inclement weather!

With so many pairs of hands available, we managed to clear all the lanes and the footpaths. The litter was the usual muddle of plastic, glass, rubber, metal and cardboard; NHDC have now collected all of this for us. Special thanks to the quartet who raked and collected up all the fallen branches, twigs and twiglets on The Green, and barrowed them over to Wal with his shredder, in front of the Red Lion. It was a very good effort by us all.

Our thanks also to those walkers and dog-walkers who regularly, throughout the year, collect up any litter which they see on their usual walks - this is just 'good-housekeeping' for the parish, and is much appreciated. Please continue to report any 'fly-tipping' which you see, in the usual way. Our sincere thanks again.

Liz Hunter, Preston Trust committee member

Preston Parish Neighbourhood Plan

On the advice of NHDC, the Preston Parish Neighbourhood Plan was put on hold last year because of delays to the NHDC Local Plan 2011-2031. As a result of further discussions with NHDC and the publication of the main modifications to the Local Plan, it is now possible to proceed with the Neighbourhood Plan. The Preston Parish Neighbourhood Plan Second Submission has been sent to NHDC and a Formal Public Consultation has been conducted.

The Formal Public Consultation (Regulation 16) is now closed

Further information and copies of the plan, with associated documents, can be found on the North Herts District Council website by following this link

The Neighbourhood Plan and associated documents are also available on the Preston Parish Neighbourhood Plan website:

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