Dear Children, Parents and Guardians
(Grandparents, Uncles, Aunties, Cousins – Friends, Prestonians, Countrymen …)

As you know The Great Easter Egg Hunt 2020 has been postponed.

We have created a few games and puzzles for you to try. More will appear as time allows and our skill at making them improves.

NEW: Spot the Difference – Easter Chicks 2020

16 of our Easter Chicks are playing (or sleeping) in the Easter Meadow. Can you find all 57 things which have changed from the first picture to the next.

Here’s a clue to help make it quick, there are 3 changes on every chick. Then 9 more things you must find, on the scene that lays behind.

If you have a big screen try the whole picture or if you have a smaller screen, tablet or phone try the picture in two halves.

Easter Egg Hunt Masks to Download and Make

Would you like to make a mask
To join you in your puzzling task?
When you’ve finished your colouring and sticking,
Its time for Easter Game solving and answer picking!

There is a choice of two, a Bunny Mask or Beaktrice Chick to do.

You will need a printer with some stiff A4 paper for best results. If you can’t print and you are local let us know using the Preston Trust Events Contact Form and we will see if we can help.

Word Searches (Find the Words)

We have created two Word Search puzzle games. The words are the same but each time you start a new game the “game engine” creates a new puzzle from the words.

Try the 2020 Easter Words which has 10 words you might think of for easter and egg hunts. For something a little harder (which needs a bigger screen) the 2020 Easter Chicks has the names of all 18 of our Easter Chicks to find.

Memory Game (Pelmanism)

We have made two memory games where you have to match pairs of cards. The cards have our Easter chicks.

Try the easy game which features 8 chicks (chosen at random each time you play) from the set of 18. Then for more of a challenge you could try playing with 12 chicks 24 cards.


Clicking the link or picture for a jigsaw will take you to a website called Jigsaw Planet, where we have set up our jigsaw puzzles.

For each puzzle we tell you how many pieces it is set for and if it is “with rotation” – by the symbol of the piece being rotated at an angle. Rotation means you will have to turn some of the pieces round to find how they fit.

Rainbows are lovely to look at and a symbol of hope – lets puzzle some rainbows

Rainbow photograph by Richard Woolfson

How to rotate jigsaw pieces

Using a Mouse or Touchpad

  • Select the piece with a left click as though you are going to drag it, then right click to rotate the piece clockwise or hold the Ctrl key down and right click to rotate anticlockwise.
  • Use the scroll wheel on the mouse (some touchpads have a scroll strip which might also work). It is probably easier for you to experiment with which scroll direction turns the piece in which direction than it is to explain.

Using Touch (as on on a tablet or phone)

  • When a piece is dragged or selected using a touch device left and right rotate buttons appear – each time the button is touched it rotates the piece a quarter turn in the direction on the button.
More jigsaw options

At the bottom of the puzzle board you will find a row with useful buttons. Using our own labels to explain what they do, the buttons are:

Ghost provides a faint image of the completed puzzle that you can lay your pieces out over.
Arrange re-arranges the pieces you have not attached yet around the board in one of two different styles.
Settings includes changing the background colour, turning off sounds as well as help – which is actually a User Guide for different devices (PC’s Tablets, Phones, etc).

Disclaimer: The Preston Trust are not responsible for the content or operation of any of the external websites on which we have set up puzzles for you. Please let us know if you find a problem or think something bad has happened to the puzzles we have set up.