June 2019

A LETTER FROM DAWN JENKINS,  READER OF THE PARISH As we move into the month of June it is with awe and wonder that we view the countryside around us and thank God for his creation.So forgive me as I … Read More

May 2019

Dear All, As we become older, most of us of a certain age have no idea what we would like as a birthday present, at least not until after the day has passed. I did however come up with something … Read More

April 2019

Dear All, First a mention of the Family Service on St Patrick’s Day, 17thMarch at St Martin’s with the theme being “Let’s Go Green”. It was a lively celebration of all things green, including recycling and living in an eco-friendly … Read More

March 2019

Hello everyone The thought of clocks changing and longer days takes us gladly into Spring, a wonderful time of the year in our village and countryside.  The church is generally quite quiet in February, partly as it between the busier … Read More

February 2019

  A LETTER FROM THE READER OF OUR PARISH Dawn Jenkins. Email:  imdawnh@hotmail.com   or  tel.  01438 -871831   Dear All A couple of weeks ago, like many of you, I stayed up to watch the new year in with my family, … Read More

January 2019

Dear All, Epiphany. 6th January. The day when, traditionally, all Christmas decorations are removed – unless excessive needle drop has already made an early departure of the Christmas tree necessary! More importantly, the day celebrates the time when the true … Read More

December 2018

  A LETTER FROM TIM LIDDELL, CHURCHWARDEN, ALL  SAINTS’ Hello I’m writing this month’s parish magazine as Churchwarden and on behalf the PCC (Parochial Church Council).  It is hard to believe we are coming to the end of another year, … Read More

November 2018

Hello I nearly said “Hello out there” or “HOT’s” as our afternoon tea, cake and chat group calls themselves. Please come and join us, details of our next date are in the magazine. This month I have the challenge of … Read More

September 2018

As I write the very hot weather has subsided, we have enjoyed some rain and the more usual summer temperatures are with us. Quite a relief!  But I’m sure that farmers and gardeners are very concerned and I understand that … Read More

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