November 2021 – Special

Castlefield Development

Amended Planning Application

The Developer and the Planning Officer have discussed the comments submitted to the proposed development and, as a result, some changes have been made and an amended planning application has been submitted.

The Amended Planning Application for this development is now available on the North Hertfordshire District Council (NHDC) website:, reference: 21/02076/FP. The amended plans are clearly indicated on the website.

The consultation period is 23 days which will end on Friday 26 November. Anyone who would like to request an extension to this deadline should contact the Planning Officer: Tom Rea: email: or telephone: 01462 474565

Alternatively, comments may be posted to PO Box 10613, NG6 6DW ensuring you include the application reference number as well as your name and address. Please make sure they are posted on or before 26 November.


This newsletter has been written jointly by, in alphabetical order, Preston Parish Council, Preston Parish Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group and The Preston Trust. All three organisations are Consultees for the amended planning application and each will respond as appropriate to them.


The main amendments are listed in Formal covering letter with amended plans dated 29th October 2021 which is on the application site. These are:

  • The number of dwellings has been reduced from 23 to 21
  • Plots 19, 20, 21 and 22 have been replaced with two bungalows, plots 19 and 20 on the revised site layout
  • Both bungalows are Affordable Housing dwellings
  • There are 7 affordable houses, indicated by HA on the site layout
  • These dwellings will be allocated by a local Housing Association
  • Buff bricks will be replaced by red bricks
  • There will be increased use of tile hanging
  • More soft landscaping is included
  • Brick walls and piers at the entrance will be replaced by hedging
  • The lighting bollards have been removed to keep the skies dark
  • An archaeological evaluation will be produced and assessed prior to the start of any development
  • A Construction Management Plan will be submitted prior to any work starting on the site to ensure highway safety for residents

Continuing Concerns

The covering letter indicates that:

  • Thames Water has no concerns regarding foul water drainage
  • Affinity Water is of the view that there is adequate water pressure capacity within the local network
  • Provision of fibre broadband by BT Openreach for the village between 2022 and 2025 requires further clarification
  • There is no indication as to whether the Developer will work with mobile phone providers to improve connections for residents

It is important that these issues are raised in response to the amended application as they affect all residents, not only those who will live in this proposed development.

Other Considerations

The formal letter also addresses and responds to other concerns raised in representations to the original application. Further comments on these aspects can and should be made, particularly if the response does not fully address the issue.

  • Local Distinctiveness
  • Quantum of Development: this focuses on the density of the scheme
  • Sustainability & Energy Efficiency
  • Flood Risk & Drainage
  • Ecology and Natural Environment
  • Transport

Responding To The Amended Application

It is important that everyone responds to the amended application, expressing their individual views, both objecting to and /or supporting the changes. It is not necessary to respond to the whole application again, only the amendments.

Also please note that the number of responses is important. If one person from a household replies on behalf of everyone else living there, even if everyone signs, it may only count as one comment. If each person in a household replies individually with different, if only slightly different, issues and emphasis or their own wording, then each reply counts as a separate representation.

Assistance For Residents Without Computer Access

Both the Parish Council and The Preston Trust have a list of people who will help anyone who hasn’t got a computer to write their letter to NHDC. To request help, please contact:

How The Decision Is Made

The decisions on the development of this site will be decided by NHDC Councillors at a Planning Control Meeting. It is expected that this will be early in 2022.

NHDC has to take account of:

  • The National Planning Policy Framework
  • The saved Local Plan
  • The emerging Local Plan and
  • The Preston Parish Neighbourhood Plan

in the order listed here, when making its decision.


Anyone with queries is welcome to contact:


This newsletter has been edited, printed, sorted and delivered in the usual way and the three organisations are grateful to everyone involved for their contribution.