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About the Preston News Service


The Preston Trust operates an electronic news service for the Parish so that information may be emailed to the households in the Parish regarding news and events.

The service is free for both sending and subscribing to receive e-mails.


The Preston News Service (PNS) is available for the Parish to use, including all Organisations, Associations, Clubs and Individuals. For example: it could be used by the Red Lion to notify or remind of any event in the pub; the Cricket Club to advise of a special match; or the Church to notify of a special Service. It could also be used by the Villagers to notify of say, a lost animal as a cry for help. The purpose of the PNS is not to replace the monthly Church and Village Newsletter, but to supplement what it does due to near real time capability.

The PNS may not be used by third parties as a means of marketing goods or services for commercial gain. Anyone asking the PNS to forward a message is responsible for the content of their message. The Preston Trust may use its discretion in deciding if the message benefits our community before forwarding.

We appreciate that not everyone in the parish will have an email address, but hope that those who do will relay important messages on to any neighbours who do not.

How it works

Any organisation, association or individual in the Parish can send an email to the Preston Trust (or use the contact form below) requesting that a message be distributed. The Preston Trust will then forward your message by email to the e-mail addresses that it has for current subscribers.

Additional Guidance for Requesting a Message

The Preston Trust will forward your message exactly as you have written it. (Although we will use our discretion in deciding if the message benefits our community before forwarding.) So when you ask for a message to be sent:

  • Write your message as though you were sending it directly to everyone in the parish, assuming that not everyone will know you. If in doubt about whether or how to say something try thinking about what you would write in a note for the noticeboard.
  • Remember you are responsible for what you say and that, like an e-mail, once sent there is no effective control over what recipients might do with your message.
  • Please don’t rely on the PNS to forward any e-mail replies to your message back to you. If you want people to reply, provide contact details for you that you are comfortable sharing.
  • Send us your request by e-mail if you want to format how your e-mail looks, add an attachment or embed links. You can use the form below if plain text is good enough.

Contact Us

Your Details

Please tell us your name and contact information so we can carry out your request and/or get back to you.

We may try to phone you if there appears to be a persistent problem with your e-mail.

How can we help?

Please choose one of the following options to continue.

Your request from this form is handled by the web site software which then forwards it to the PNS Team via e-mail. It is always possible that a message may be delayed or not delivered to us. If in doubt please try again.

Terms and Conditions


The Preston News Service (PNS) may be used by anyone in the Parish to pass on a message or information which would be of benefit to our community.

The PNS may not be used by third parties as a means of marketing goods or services for commercial gain. Anyone asking the PNS to forward a message is responsible for the content of their message. The Preston Trust will use its discretion in deciding if the message benefits our community before forwarding.

Updated May 2018: Please note that if you are under the age of 18, you will need permission to join this service from your parent/guardian. In this case ask your parent/guardian to contact The Preston Trust on your behalf, we will then check with you via your supplied contact details that you want to subscribe.

Your Agreement

By asking to subscribe to the Preston News Service you agree to the Preston Trust and or individual members of the Trust holding your email details for the use as detailed above.

You also agree to the Preston Trust holding your postal address or other contact details (if supplied by you) for the purposes of verifying your eligibility to subscribe and contacting you in the event that your e-mail address returns error messages or appears to not be working.

Added May 2018: This provides a simple contract for the purposes of GDPR as the legal basis on which we can process your data to subscribe you to PNS messages.

You can unsubscribe or change your e-mail and contact details at any time by using this Contact Us page or sending us an e-mail to the address you receive PNS messages from.

Added May 2018: The Preston Trust may if we feel circumstances require unsubscribe you from the service. For example:

  • If the contact details you supply are not correct, or kept up to date so that we can fulfill any legal obligations to show we have an agreement with you to subscribe.
  • If an issue arises from your use of the PNS or a message you receive via the PNS that could be harmful to others, including (but not limited to) the original sender, other subscribers, the wider community or The Preston Trust.

Privacy Policy (Section Added May 2018)

The Preston Trust respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal data. Indeed part of the rational for the PNS is data protection, so that individuals do not feel the need to collect personal information from past e-mails in order to reach the wider community with a single message.

Controller, Processor and Security

The Preston Trust is the Data Controller. We use Google Gmail to send PNS messages, to receive e-mails from you and store copies of all messages and e-mails. We use the Gmail Address Book and the Google Drive belonging to the same account to store your e-mail address and other contact data.

Any data you send us via this form is also stored on the website software database. We periodically check this database to make sure that messages are getting forwarded to the Gmail account and then delete them from the database.

We do not share your identity or contact details or personal data with any third parties, unless we have to do so to comply with a lawful request or to defend you, another subscriber or the Preston Trust from some issue or legal challenge arising from the operation of the PNS. Where possible we will advise you of any such lawful request, issue or challenge.

What data we collect and how we use it
  • Identity and Contact Data – Name, e-mail address, postal address and phone number

We need your e-mail in order to be able to send you PNS messages. As a small community your name is often all we need to verify that your e-mail address belongs to someone eligible to subscribe. We hold your name to verify that you are eligible to subscribe (enter in to a contract) to the PNS and to address you by name if we e-mail you directly about your subscription or a PNS message.

We may have asked for an address or phone number if needed for additonal verification. If you supply your postal address or phone number anyway, we can let you know if your e-mail address starts to return error messages.

We will keep your name and e-mail address (postal address and phone number if supplied) but mark you as no longer subscribing, if you cancel your subscription as part of our record that we had an agreement with you to subscribe to the service.

  • Subscription Agreement – Subscription Request and any subsequent change requests, including request to unsubscribe

These will be retained to be able to demonstrate that we have a contract to subscribe you to the service, or that we had a contract if you have subsequently cancelled your subscription.

  • Transaction Data – Copies of e-mails and PNS messages

This includes: copies of PNS messages, e-mails we receive asking for a message to be forwarded via the PNS and any other messages relating to a PNS message or operation of the service.

These will be retained in the event they are needed due to any legal or other issues resulting from the use of this service. Implicit in the nature of e-mail is that any recipient or sender of an e-mail may keep copies indefintely, so we also have a need to keep a reference copy of messages the PNS send and receive.

Of course there may be circumstances where it may be appropriate for us to remove or sanitise information from stored messages if requested. We will consider or act on such requests as feasible or required by law.

Your Legal Rights

Under GDPR you have various legal rights. We list the ones that we believe are relevant as well as some others that you might see elsewhere along with why they probably don’t apply.

  • Right of access – you have the right to request a copy of the information that we hold about you.
  • Right of rectification – you have a right to correct data that we hold about you that is inaccurate or incomplete.
  • Right to be forgotten – in certain circumstances you can ask for the data we hold about you to be erased from our records.
  • Right to restriction of processing – where certain conditions apply to have a right to restrict the processing. In practice you can temporarily unsubscribe, even if only for convenience rather than in response to certain conditions.
  • Right of portability – you have the right to have the data we hold about you transferred to another organisation. Unless an alternative provider starts an equivalent service this is basically the same as asking for Right of Access.
  • Right to object – you have the right to object to certain types of processing such as direct marketing. We have no intention of allowing direct marketing, other than the PNS equivalent of a small add placed by an individual on the parish noticeboard.
  • Right to object to automated processing – in the practical sense one of the PNS Team has to physically ask Gmail to forward your message, to add you to the Address Book or update your details. Since this is the only processing we do there is no automated processing.

Changes to our Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions (Section Added May 2018)

We will let you know by PNS message about any future changes in policies, terms and conditions. Unless the nature of the PNS changes, you need only continue to use the service to show your acceptance of any changes.