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Wally Steele Limited

St. Martin ‘s Place, Church Lane , Preston , Hitchin, Hertfordshire , SG4 7TP

 01462 434 022

Improving, Troubleshooting and Fixing How Management & IT Interoperate.

Provides Management and IT Consultancy, enabling executives and senior managers to improve or fix how their business and IT functions work. Working both directly and through various well known consulting organisations, our clients cover all sectors including:

  • IT Service Providers, Technology and Software Developers
  • Financial Services, Insurance, Banking
  • Retail, Wholesale
  • Energy, Mineral Exploration and Exploitation
  • Travel, Aviation, Automotive
  • Telecoms, Broadband, Media, News
  • Pharmaceutical, Medical Information Systems
  • Higher Education and Research
  • Government Agencies, Central and Local Government.

Technical Authoring, Publishing, Web and Graphic Design

Set up as SteeleRule Limited, a spin off to produce the marketing and documentation needed to support our consultancy. We now produce: high end technical documents, write and publish non-fiction books, develop brand images, produce marketing materials and design web sites.