Dear Resident of Preston,

I am writing to invite you to become a member of The Preston Trust, or if you are already a member, to renew your subscription. We rely on financial contributions from the village, and membership is also a vital indication of support for our objectives.

The primary objectives of The Trust are:

  • To improve and preserve Preston for the benefit of the villagers and visitors.
  • To promote high standards of planning and architecture.
  • To secure the preservation and protection of features of historic or public interest, including the village’s history.
  • To support and promote any purpose for the benefit of the village and in particular, children and senior citizens.

Over the last year The Trust has continued its regular activities and instigated some new ones. The Trust staged the highly successful Village Day last year and is doing the same this year on 9th July. We organised the litter pickup in March associated with the Clean for the Queen event, and may well make this an annual task. We have also made planning representations including objecting to the expansion of Vicars Grove, and planted a new “sweet gum” tree near the pond.

The Trust’s regular activities include providing the Christmas tree outside the Red Lion. This year not only did The Trust provide the tree, new lights, and the food and drink, but also arranged for the event to include the ladies’ choir, an art competition from the Primary School, and the SG4 band to play into the evening. In addition The Trust maintains and updates the village website which there for the benefit of all organisations within the village.

This year The Trust has also made a donation to the church for a new World War One and Two memorial plaque, and to the primary school to help make up the shortfall in funds for replacing the windows. We have a number of new ideas in discussion for the coming year, so if you would like to see more of what we have done, and what we are planning, please read the Chairman’s Report on The Preston Trust section of the village website.

If you wish to renew your subscription or become a member, please complete the document overleaf and send it with your subscription to our Treasurer, Robert Young. If you wish to pay by bank transfer or setup an annual standing order, please phone Robert on 01462 454369 for The Trust’s bank details (or email Please, if you are a tax payer, also complete the Gift Aid Declaration as this enables The Trust to reclaim 25p for every £ subscribed.

As a special thank you for your support, we will also be giving all members a free burger or hot dog at the village day this year (one per household)!

I look forward to welcoming you as a member.

Yours faithfully,

Richard Coles.

Chairman – The Preston Trust.