April 2021

Like me, you may see Easter as an important turning point in the year.  Spring is well on its way, the days are lengthening and things generally look and feel more hopeful.  How true that is this year!  We are getting a little more easing of lockdown, the vaccine programme is very well advanced and summer is beckoning.

What will it all mean for us and for our village communities?  Well at the most basic level, it will mean more community – more getting together, more doing things together, recovering something of what we have lost over the past year.  That will be a welcome improvement. It will also mean a return to a normal pattern of family life.  I am looking forward to that too, because family life matters hugely, as we all know.

I am delighted that the extension work at St Martin’s is now complete, with our first service back there on Easter Sunday.  I also look forward to seeing you at the Easter Day service at All Saints.

Happy Easter!

With every blessing,