April 2022

As I write, the violent attacks on the Ukraine continue to intensify – President Putin‘s actions, merciless and implacable. We look on in horror at the scenes of devastation and personal loss. The response to the humanitarian crisis has been amazing, both nationally and locally, and even if we feel we can’t actually do much, we can at least dig deep into our pockets, we can be welcoming to refugees and we can pray. From our village, an amazing £700 was raised from a coffee morning at the church and donations from the Red Lion.

We have, of course, to tread carefully and not glibly, when we say that there will be a way through this. It may not seem obvious to the Ukrainians on the ground, to those fleeing with almost nothing, but there will be a way through this.

Which brings me to the Easter story – a story of hope and resurrection after the calamity of the crucifixion of Jesus.

It is the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, and new life for all. We will try to hang onto this assurance, as we pray for a resurrection experience for the Ukrainian people as well as for ourselves.

With every blessing, Stephen