April 2023

At the heart of everything in our world, public or private, national or local, is the possibility of something better – of good coming out of the bad, of light even in the worst darkness. We may not think there is much light in Ukraine or Myanmar or among the victims of the Syrian/Turkish earthquake. And these are certainly dark, God-forsaken places. But repeatedly we see and hear of breath-taking courage, care, compassion and practical neighbourly help on the ground.

The crucifixion of Jesus, which we remember on Good Friday, was a disaster – for his disciples and for the wider followers to whom he had given hope, standing and the possibility of better things to come.

But soon, people came to see in the cross of Jesus that this was the place of glory, that so far from being a disaster it was in fact a triumph – God came and took the worst that the world could do and made of it a moment of freedom. Here, in the cross, the sin and suffering of the world were taken and absorbed, and it was done for our benefit.

Two days later, on Easter Day, God confirmed the victory of the cross by raising Jesus from the dead. I believe this is the supreme proof that there is always light in our darkness, good to come out of evil, the possibility that “all shall be well “. We will hold on to that whatever is happening to us or around us.

So I wish you every blessing for Easter.