December 2018



I’m writing this month’s parish magazine as Churchwarden and on behalf the PCC (Parochial Church Council).  It is hard to believe we are coming to the end of another year, a very busy and significant year for both All Saints’ and St Martin’s churches, with Elizabeth departing in September.
Not surprisingly Christmas is the busiest time of year and we are working on the usual services, with the Carol Service (Dec 16th6pm at All Saints’) being for many in the village a wonderful opportunity to both start Christmas celebrations and recognise the role our Church plays in the village.
We are also now working on how to manage this period without Elizabeth.  It is formally called an Interregnum but referring to it as a vacancy feels more appropriate.  The challenge for the PCC is to make it not feel vacant and find a new vicar as successfully as possible.  We also have to be realistic, as Elizabeth worked almost fulltime providing ministry and support for the Parishes of St Paul’s Walden and Preston and there are no temporary staff to fill in or central organisation to just “sort it out”.  We are part of the Hitchin ministry Team and will be working with them to ensure our weekly services continue and that there is the support for other services.  So, the main point of contact for baptisms, weddings and funerals will be through the Hitchin church office * (details at end of this letter).
Also, as we work towards next year we have to consider all that the church seeks to provide in the community. We are fortunate for the considerable support received in keeping the church running and maintained – our weekly church openers, the Preservation Trust members, church flower arrangers, volunteer cleaners and our congregation – but maintaining a grade 1 listed church and supporting the community takes a considerable amount of effort and money.  If you feel able to be involved in any part of this then please do let us know, particularly because one of the most attractive features for recruiting a new priest is seeing an engaged community.
All the best
* Church House, Churchyard, Hitchin, SG5 1HP. Tel. 01462 452758