December 2021

Making space – for ourselves, for other people – is quite difficult in the run-up to Christmas. There is after all so much to do. It can be frantic – just more pressure, more demands, more anxiety.

Making space for ourselves may be vital. Why not join the opening of an Advent Window at different locations in Whitwell/St Paul’s Walden throughout December? Why not spend a Quiet Hour at All Saints on Thursday 9 December? For making space – and protecting time – matters. Do look at the schedule of services and events for more information.

But making space for what? One answer might be, making space for hope – that ingredient which is indeed a lifesaver in a world where so much seems hopeless.

Christians will want to say that we are making space for the coming of Jesus – making space and time through carols, Christingles and crib services, for the coming of the one who is the world’s best hope, the world’s true light.

May I wish you all in due course a very happy Christmas.

With every blessing,