February 2021

Exactly a year ago in this letter, I reflected that in my first three months as vicar here I had experienced worship in our two lovely parish churches, at Lime Tree House and Stagenhoe on a regular basis, and in taking holy communion to individuals at home. I was making the point that God can be experienced wherever people are.

The past 12 months have confirmed this observation – that God is where we are. And although we may be self-isolating at the moment or otherwise unable to get to church, we can remind ourselves of this essential fact: that God is near at hand, all around us.

It is worth going on to say that we can experience God in many ways: in a reading of the Bible, in our prayers, in our search for God in the goodness of others. Every day we are in the hands of God, and that may prompt us to to ask whether we shall live each day for ourselves or for God.

Might I suggest a prayer?

‘Lord, I would like to know you more and more every day. To trust in your presence; to link myself to your son, Jesus Christ; and to be guided by your spirit in everything that I do’

With every blessing,