February 2023

As a church, we do our best to keep you in the picture with what is going on. The PNS is a really valuable way of keeping in touch. There is also the parish magazine, which is full of material; and we also post items on the St Martin’s Church Facebook page. And then there is of course the conversations we have at our regular Sunday services, now always accompanied by coffee.

This month we begin the approach to Easter known as Lent. It starts on Ash Wednesday, 22nd February. At our service at All Saints on that day, there will be the imposition of ashes, the outward mark of the cross of Jesus, calling us to turn to him afresh. Ash Wednesday indeed creates an opening, a space and a season in which we can examine ourselves and set ourselves on a new and better path. Lent may enable us to become more aware of the compassionate God who loves us; to deepen our self-awareness; and to mark our hearts with the cross of Jesus in anticipation of the joyful celebration of Easter.

We will be holding Lent lunches in the church annexe at St Paul’s Walden fortnightly, starting on Ash Wednesday – one more opportunity for the parish and our communities to be together in a good cause. All welcome!

With every blessing,