January 2022

It was unfortunate that COVID restrictions prevented children from the school coming to sing carols at the church. Fewer assemblies also meant that they missed a bit of the retelling of the wonderful Christmas story, which is part of the enchantment of the Christmas term. Even so, I hope they and you managed to have as good a Christmas as possible.

Sadly, for the second time, we go into a New Year under the shadow of pandemic restrictions, with further strains on our teachers, parents, doctors, nurses and pharmacists, not to mention all who work in hospitals. So our New Year thoughts will be with them, as they are also about navigating the restrictions and thinking of others.

Despite the pandemic, I urge all of us to hold on to the hope that should underline the start of every New Year. Let us look forward to the other side of our present woes when they are behind us.

For the hope is that, in and through adversity, there will be a good outcome, that all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well (Julian of Norwich).

With every blessing