June 2020

Sounds of building work resuming near the vicarage in Whitwell, increased traffic through our villages, an easing of the lockdown, tell us that things are on the move again. Something is happening.

We may think of all the quietness we have enjoyed, more time to do stuff, how much more attentive to our gardens and the landscape around us we have become. And we look into the future for sure – to think about what a difference this COVID-19 may herald for a better way of living.  At  the same time we will be noting and thinking about those for whom the coronavirus has been troublesome, lonely and even disastrous.

All the ups and downs are the life we live: and I would say that the life we live needs gratitude and hope and care for others for it to be complete.

We are now in the season of Pentecost – what we used to call Whitsun. This celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit to the first disciples. It was the visible fire of God’s love then, and it is available to all who seek it now, alongside hopes and fears, and as an impulse to us to love. May the Holy Spirit be a sign of something happening in our lives for our good.

With every blessing,