March 2022

One of the many joys of being vicar here is that I get to take school assemblies. Every Tuesday morning is assembly day for me. Why do I love going to the schools to take the assembly?

First of all, the children are sunny, attentive and engaged. All credit to the head teachers and staff who encourage this. The children keep me on my toes, with their questions and comments.

Then of course it is wonderful to share some of the great Bible stories with the children. To introduce them to the figure of Jesus – his life and teaching. Of course, the challenge is to keep the language clear and simple, avoiding jargon. But most important the content has to come alive.

And of course, we sing. Up go the words on the screen, we learn a new song or sing a familiar hymn, and there’s real energy and enthusiasm unleashed. As we all know, singing is good for us, and all the more so when what we are singing is life-affirming.

My hope is that the children catch something of the love of God and what loving our neighbour means in practice. It is lovely when they also can come to church and participate, whether by reading, saying prayers or indeed handing round the biscuits.

Meanwhile, on Mothering Sunday, 27th March, we shall celebrate family life and especially think about our mothers and what they mean or have meant to us. Services on that day are listed opposite. Please do join us – you will be very welcome.

With every blessing