May 2020

Writing a letter for the newsletter always involves a bit of thinking forward. Since COVID-19 hit our world, there is a double uncertainty – we cannot be sure how soon we will be getting back to a semblance of normality.

It seems that we will have some weeks more of lockdown or similar disruption. You will have your own means of adapting. You may have caught up with things you have told yourself repeatedly you needed to do but hadn’t done.

How might we deepen our faith over the next few weeks? It might for example be a really good use of time to sit quietly at the start of the day and to think about a person who has been very special for you and to thank God for them. On other days you might want to think about somebody against whom you are still feeling resentment. If you can, you may want to think about whether that resentment is helping you, or whether the braver and frankly shrewder choice might not be to forgive that person… try to let the resentment go.

This period of confinement is also a really good time to read the Bible slowly. It always helps in fact to read and re-read a passage slowly. When you do, just note what words jump out at you. Reflect on what the word might be saying to you.

COVID-19 has been a disaster for many in our country. It has also brought out reserves of service and courage by so many – doctors, nurses, health workers in care homes, delivery drivers, refuse collectors, supermarket and other shop workers. We owe them such a massive debt. I have also noticed what good neighbours we have in our villages.

I hope it is not too long before our churches can be open again and our lives opened up to be together once more.

With every blessing,