May 2022

It was really good to see our church so full on Easter morning – all ages coming together in celebration of what is vital about the Christian faith, namely, that light always and in the end triumphs over darkness.

And from now until Pentecost – or Whitsunday as we used to call it – we are in the great period of Eastertide – the period of new life, purpose and joy. We need to grasp and hang onto this Easter hope, that all will be well, that God has a loving purpose for the world, especially as we continue to see such devastation in Ukraine and of course grave shortcomings elsewhere in the world, whether of war, persecution, tyranny or famine.

In addition to 5 June being the celebration of the Day of Pentecost, it is also a National Day of Jubilation for our remarkable Queen. A service of thanksgiving will be held in the parish church, All Saints, St Paul’s Walden, a church well known to Her Majesty and much loved by her. Please note that this service of thanksgiving will be at 10 am. You will be very welcome.

With every blessing, Stephen