November 2018

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Dear Friends,

I nearly said “Hello out there” or “HOT’s” as our afternoon tea, cake and chat group calls themselves. Please come and join us, details of our next date are in the magazine.

This month I have the challenge of writing the opening letter. I understand that some people only look at this page, you know who you are! so I do have to urge you to delve deeper into the magazine, I know there are a lot of advertisements but its thanks to those people that we are able to have this magazine. There is lots going on in our villages and its only by joining in and supporting events, that you become part of that community, which is what I and so many of you embrace about village life.

For those that don’t know me I’m the Reader at All Saints Church, St Paul’s Walden and St Martins Church, Preston. I live in Hornhill, Whitwell with my husband, and our two dogs. Being a Reader means that I can do many things in the Church, however I can’t officiate at a Wedding, or take a Christening, or consecrate the bread and wine for communion. Other than that I’m happy to help out where I can, and will be continuing with the school visits, Bible study classes, home visits, taking services at Limetree and Stagenhoe and generally enjoying village life. So if I can be of help please get in touch

November is a time for reflection and as we celebrate the centenary of the First World War, our thoughts and prayers are for all those who gave their lives, for our freedom. There will be our usual services on 11thNovember, 9.30am at St Martin’s, Preston with All Saints, St Paul’s Walden starting at the earlier time of 10.45 in order to hold our two minute silence at 11am. At 3pm there will be the service at the memorial in the High Street, Whitwell.

Writing this in October, I’ve just seen the first Christmas advert appearing on the television. I know by the time November comes the shops will be full of cards and gifts, and the material aspects of Christmas will be everywhere to feast our eyes upon. As much as I love this time of year, I also find that it’s a good time to just take time to reflect on what we have, what we’ve lost, what’s changed and how we have grown. As we prepare for the season of Advent, we look forward to perhaps the most unique and precious gift of life, that of a new born baby, and our own lives are challenged. In Advent we wait for something that has already happened over 2000 years ago, in the sure and certain knowledge that it will happen, again and again and again. It’s a story that our children teach us each year, as they bring forward in Church the stable animals, the shepherds, the kings and the Holy family and place them in the stable. In their eye’s its simple, its adults that make it complicated.

Over the coming weeks we have an advent discussion group starting which will take place on a Wednesday afternoon, please do come and join us. More details to follow. Also on the 2ndDecember which will be our first winter joint Service at St Martins, Preston at 10 am we will be sending out the Posadaas part of the Christmas celebration, This is the re enactment of the census pilgrimage to Bethlehem by Mary and Joseph in search of a room. A shoebox stable and its figures travel around the parish spending a night or two at different houses. Please let me know if you would like to go on the list. It will be spending a couple of nights at Preston and Whitwell schools.

I have also for sale limited supplies of the Fair Trade “Real Advent Calendar” which along with the important chocolate contains a 24 page story activity book on the Christmas story priced at £3.99.

Well if you have read this far well done. The adverts have gone out to search for our new vicar, we just have to pray now for the right person to come and join us in our community.

Love and prayers
Dawn  x