November 2019

Our Vicar, Canon Stephen, Writes:

November is primarily a month for memory – for remembering. In our nation and community, we honour the dead in war on Remembrance Sunday. On All Souls Day, (Nov 2) we remember the departed. A day earlier, we celebrate All Saints Day, recalling the lives of Christians everywhere but also remembering the past of our own church, All Saints St Paul’s Walden. And we remember – we strengthen our memory – because it is important to look back and acknowledge the past as something vital and influential.

But if memory is important, so is hope – looking forward with confidence. At this moment in our nation’s life, with our future relations with the EU at so critical a point, it is vital to step up our hope, whatever the outcome. This hope for the future is in fact part of our trust in the God who holds everything in the palms of his hands – who says that we are to have confidence that all will be well in the end. Nothing can defeat the good purposes of God, as the Old Testament prophets proclaimed, just as the worst that the world could do to Jesus in killing him could not prevent God raising him from the dead.

So memory and hope are the twin pillars of our community life and also of our individual lives; and we value them by trusting in the God who is a continuing source of life and joy.

Every blessing


The Revd Canon Stephen Fielding

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