November 2022

November is the month for memory and for looking back – sometimes with sadness, as we remember those who have died, especially the fallen in war, and often with thanksgiving as we recall people we have known and loved. The book of condolence for the late Queen was a vivid reminder of this remembering, with both sadness and thanksgiving.

November is also a time for looking forward to the season of Advent which is the season of hope. We need this hope amid all the pressures which bear down on us, pressures domestic, local, national and international.

And we can say to ourselves that strong communities depend on this combination of memory and hope.

Meanwhile, we said goodbye last month to our Reader, Dawn, who has now moved to Hampshire to be near her son and grandchildren.  I have been so grateful to her since my arrival, and I know that church and community have benefited greatly from her care and concern.  We presented her with a cheque and a picture after the recent pet service as a sign of our gratitude.

I have also very greatly valued Tracey Papworth’s support since I came here in October 2019.  On top of her increasingly demanding  full time job, Tracey has produced virtually every pew sheet and order of service for us every week since then, and this has been tremendous. Tracey, thank you!

My role as a part- time vicar involves a lot of admin, most of which does not need to be done by an ordained priest.  We have therefore recruited a part-time Parish Administrator to take the weight of most of this admin.  Emma Fisher is the Parish Administrator and I am really looking forward to what Emma brings to this role.  Welcome!

With every blessing,