October 2020

COVID 19 has driven a coach and horses through our usual certainties, has upset our customary security. We know, if we are honest, that security is a bit precarious at the best of times – that suddenly you can be redundant, or bereaved, or left by your partner, or getting a very poor harvest as a farmer, or an economic crisis suddenly hits. But the pandemic, an unexpected and external enemy, has disrupted our usual certainties in a random, harsh and unprecedented way. And the effects on families, communities and businesses have been drastic and for many incomprehensible.

One of the questions which it may raise is: where do we find a place of security, where is the firm ground to stand on? If we accept that everything passes eventually, we have to look for an enduring foundation. Something immune from the changes and chances, the ups and downs, of every day life.

Christians believe that God is the eternally dependable one, and that Jesus embodies the dependability of God. You can trust him wholeheartedly. To trust in him is to trust that in the end “all shall be well”. To trust that the overruling dependable hand of God is at work.

Every day I invite us to place our trust in the one who says: “Come to me, all who are weary and heavy laden, and I will refresh you” (Matthew 11: 28-29)

With prayers and blessings