October 2022

A Letter from Dawn Jenkins

This Season of Autumn, Is my favourite month. It always reminds me of Keats ‘s poem Ode to Autumn which starts with the line “Seasons of mists and mellow fruitfulness” So when I am dog walking early in the morning and the sun is just rising, yet to warm up the nip in the air, the wisps of mist lies over the lower fields of the village, with the delicate jewel like webs clinging so beautifully to the hedges along the path, and the crunch of the dry leaves sound underfoot, I can’t help but thank God for this wonderful place in which we live.

Last month with the passing of Her Majesty, it was apparent once again how important it is, that at times we come together and support each other whatever our walks of life. The number of people who journeyed to London to pay their respects was unprecedented and the comments from those interviewed, talked about the conversations and emotional support that they found from others in the crowds around them.

At the end of this month we celebrate All Souls day and will have time to remember those loved ones we see no more. This is followed by our Church Patronal festival of All Saints day. It’s important, I think to not only remember the Saints past, but to also remember the Saints of today. Those people who go out of their way to make life a little easier in our lives, ready to help at a moment’s notice, who pick up shopping or post a letter or cheer us when we are low. Living in this village I’m sure you all know someone who fits that description. Thank you for all the little things you do that help. It’s what builds and strengthens this community.

In writing this month’s letter I am aware that my time in the Parish as Reader will shortly be coming to an end. As Brean and I move to pastures new, near Chichester and take on a more challenging role of helping to look after grandchildren. We will both be leaving with heavy hearts. Our years here have been truly blessed with wonderful friends. We’ve enjoyed the support of strangers when we first arrived, to the diversity of community activities here in Whitwell. The exceptional talents of our performers, and a community that put people and working together first. If you have not experienced this yet, give it a go! There are so many different groups in this village that need support to continue, as Our Lord Jesus said “Seek and you will find, ask and you shall receive; knock and the door will be opened. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him that knocks the door will be opened”.

Every blessing to you all and a huge thank you.