‘Beating The Bounds’ of our parish, 2019

Years ago, the clergy and laity of each parish used to walk along the boundary of their parish. This enabled everyone to know the extent of their rights and responsibilities as parishioners. This tradition was known as ‘Beating the Bounds’, and took place on Rogation Sunday in May.

The Preston Trust committee thought it might be interesting for our present day parishioners to have 3 ‘Boundary Walks and Talks’ this summer/autumn. Our small patch of the Chiltern landscape has different habitats, gentle slopes and really splendid views! We will be walking on footpaths, bridleways, and, for short stretches, on the lanes.

Accompanied youngsters over 10 years are very welcome. Fit and well behaved dogs on their leads are also welcome. There are no public toilets near to the line of the boundary; hedges may have to suffice, if needed. Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear. Booking to take part is essential!

The final Walk is: Northern Boundary Parish Walk (indicated in orange) – Dates, times and booking information …