Neighbourhood Plan Published in Hardback

During the various stages of producing the Preston Neighbourhood Plan, the Steering Group has been asked regularly by a number of residents if they could have a copy of the Neighbourhood Plan as a high quality printed and bound book. This has been organised with the printers who produced Philp Wray’s book: A History of Preston in Hertfordshire which was published in 2015 and who now trade as Print2Demand.

The Neighbourhood Plan copies will be of the same quality as Philip Wray’s book. They will be full colour, high quality, proper hardback copies with a sewn binding. The minimum 25 copies has now been exceeded so an order will definitely be placed. The price will be determined by the final number of copies ordered and at the time of writing it is likely that the cost will be between £14.50 and £19.50 per copy. The actual cost will be confirmed to those who have ordered copies before the order is submitted to the publisher with details of how to pay.

We would like to encourage anyone who has not yet ordered their copy (or copies) to do so as soon as possible

Closing date for orders is Tuesday 5 May.

If you would like to look at the Neighbourhood Plan online to decide if you want to order a hardback copy, please follow the link to Preston Parish Neighbourhood Plan 2018 – 2031