Preston Trust New Year Raffle – Prize Draw

Although the Film Show of It’s A Wonderful Life was postponed, The Prize Draw of The Preston Trust New Year Raffle – took place as planned

The draw of the Preston Trust Raffle took place on Sunday 8th January at 4pm at St Martin’s Church. All the numbers were drawn by Malcom Lowle the church warden. There were other members of the Trust present to ensure that the draw was fair. We were able to distribute the winning prizes after the draw as all the winners were local to the village. We decided to award the smaller prizes first, the final ticket won the artwork by Bren Unwin. Here are the results, in reverse order:

Prize Ticket number Winner’s name
Tube of chocolate and nut biscuits Green 153 Juniper
Large tin of ginger biscuits Green 72 Jean
Luxury chocolates Blue 743 Sharon
£20 Deli voucher Blue 262 Joyce
Family Hamper Blue 281 Gail
Meal at the Red Lion Green 227 Gina
Artwork by Bren Unwin Yellow 381 Mel

Thank you for all your amazing support. It was so kind of everyone to take part in the event, many of you gave much more than the ticket value! An even bigger thank you to those who offered raffle prizes, as without these the raffle could not have taken place and would certainly not have attracted such generosity. Also a huge thank you to Malcolm for his invaluable help.