Parish Council: Planning Applications

Preston Parish Council would like to make residents aware of the process by highlighting the following points:

Planning applications are a key role of the Parish Council. It informs residents of planning applications via the Parish Council database and PNS. Brief details are posted on the Parish Council section of this website. Full details are on the Planning section of the NHDC website, including how to comment.
NHDC contact those living in adjoining properties to the application site, and others if NHDC deem it appropriate to the particular application.
Anyone can respond to NHDC regarding any planning application. Comments can only be about the specific application and must be relevant to planning law. Residents are also welcome to make their views known to the Parish Council which will incorporate them into its response, if appropriate.
Those submitting planning applications are welcome to discuss them with the Parish Council if they wish.
The NHDC consultation period is three weeks. The Parish Council has to submit any comment within this time limit. The Planning Officer decides on most applications. Some large applications go to the Planning Control Committee where NHDC Councillors make the decision.
Decisions are posted on the Parish Council section of the village website and in further detail on the NHDC website. Only the applicant has the right of appeal against the decision.

To register for the Parish Council database contact Lisa Lathane via our contact form. To register for PNS use the PNS contact Form.