The Great Easter Egg Hunt – Thank You All!

The dust has settled, the bunny paw prints are fading away from the path and calm has returned to the Parish. It was wonderful to see all ages attempting the games and quizzes together.

The search for the number of crosses in St. Martin’s sparked some earnest debate.  How many are there? Yet still no one knows for sure as you found more than we did!

If you’re curious to know what the other answers are, you can visit The Great Easter Egg Hunt Report. The winners of the games and quizzes have all received their prizes.

In all the excitement the Easter Hunt Team hardly took any photographs. If you have pictures and memories of the day that you would like to share we would love to put together a special web page for all to see. Please e-mail them to or just contact us for a mobile number you can send them to via WhatsApp. Note this e-mail address is especially for the Easter Egg Hunt and will be taken down later.

Thank you so much for coming, whether to play or help, and making this a very happy time, full of fun and laughter.

The Preston Trust Committee