Preston Primary School Nature Guide

Dear All,

One of our classes created a nature guide for the area and they wanted to share this with you. Please see their letter and link to their guide below. It would be wonderful if you could let the children know what your thoughts are and how useful the guide is. You can find our Contact Page here.

Thank you,
Inneke Luitingh – Headteacher,  Preston Primary VC School, Back Lane, Preston, Herts, SG4 7UJ

Dear Preston Trust,

I am writing to you to ask you to read and use our Nature Guide and place them around Preston and on your website.

Our class has worked very hard to create our brilliant nature guide and we would love if we saw them all over Preston. This class has worked so hard on lots of projects and we would be so proud if you listen to us. This nature guide has lots of information about Preston’s nature and we believe they will help visitors and locals as well!

Please listen to us and let our Nature Guide be seen and read all around Preston.

Yours sincerely,
Maple Class (Year 3 and 4)