Village Day – Thank you all

The Preston Trust Committee would like to thank you all for taking part in Village Day.

Whether, by making a scarecrow (or cow…), dancing at the Maypole, bringing your dog or car for the shows, helping, running a stall for one of the parish organisations / yourself, donating, coming to ‘play’ or a mixture of them all, your participation made it a happy, successful Fun Raising Day for the community. (Fun – with no “d” intentional!)

So many of you kindly gave cakes that there were some left over. It was agreed to donate them (and the surplus burger buns) to the Sanctuary in Hitchin, so they have gone to a good home.

There were of course a few competitions. All of the winners have been informed so we’re sorry but if you haven’t heard from us, it wasn’t you.

The name for the new cow was voted to be Daisy, although to some she will always be Buttercup…

The OSCARecrowS Awards and competition results, will be published shortly …