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The Preston News Service (PNS) provides fast email distribution of events and notices concerning the parish and its people. Please contact the Preston Trust, using the link at the bottom of every page, or use the following links to: Subscribe … Read More

Archive of Older Church & Village Newsletters

The following are all available as PDF files Jan-15-web Jan-16-web Jan-17-web Feb-15-web Feb 16 web Feb-17-web Mar-15-web Mar-16-web  Mar 17 web Apr-15-web Apr-16-web Apr-17-web May-15-web May-16-web May-17-web June-15-web Jun-16-web June-17-web Jul-Aug-15-web Jul-Aug-16-web JulyAug-17-web Sept-15-web Sept-16-web  Sept 17 web Oct-15-web Oct-16-web … Read More

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