The picture on the right has ten things changed from the one on the left. Some are easy and some are harder. Can you find them all?


You can try to find the differences on screen or print the snowmen out.

In the picture on the right:

  1. The Red Lion has a green door instead of a red one
  2. Part of the sign post next to the door is missing
  3. The window on the left of the door is missing
  4. …and the Red Lion wording is missing over the window
  5. The snowman’s hat band is yellow not green
  6. … and the scarf is now green and yellow not plain green
  7. There is a twinkle missing from our snowman’s eye
  8. … but his mouth has gained a tooth instead
  9. The bottom button is missing
  10. … and there is a cheeky smiley on one of the other buttons.